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A knock rang out; it was Lu Mingliang. “Boss Pei, I have a few things to report to you.”

Pei Qian nodded, “Speak.”

Lu Mingliang saw that Pei Qian was wrapped in a blanket and looked about to fall asleep as he felt a little touched.

Boss Pei looked like he wasn’t feeling well; he could go home and rest but was still remaining at work to work alongside us!

Indeed, no matter how much success one had, maintaining a fighting spirit was important!

Lu Mingliang was afraid he was interrupting Boss Pei’s rest as he hurriedly reported.

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“First is regarding the new edition.

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“Everything is going according to plan. However, for some reason, when the news regarding limits on the sales of Ocean Stronghold’s epic weapon was spread, all the existing players started to protest violently.

“Boss Pei, should we relax the quantity restriction on this epic weapon a little? Say… to five thousand?”

Pei Qian adamantly shook his head, “No.”

Five thousand weapons a month? What a

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5000 x 888 was how much; do you know how to count?

Pei Qian said with a straight face, “A limit has been set for a reason. If it becomes so widely available, why would it be called a limited sale in the first place? Don’t bother with their grumblings. Five hundred will be five hundred; we will not sell even one more.”

Seeing Boss Pei’s determined expression, Lu Mingliang couldn’t do anything as he nodded, “Alright, Boss Pei.

“Second is regarding Ma Yiqun’s responsibilities.

“He has already given feedback to me many times that he strongly wishes to take part in the development of the new editions for our existing games. I thought for a while, and for Ghost General and Game Designer, their new editions really needed an expert at synopsis like him to do the work.

“Could we let him try it out and polish his skills?”