Online game hall with you can make money

Online game hall with you can make money

There was only one problem: the game was not making any money!

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Ye Zhizhou cared a lot about this detail. To him, a game that was not making any money was considered a failure, no matter how good its reputation was. He had to think hard about why the game was not making money.

It was mainly because Bloody Battle Song’s graphics were lousy. It was completely outdated. What’s more, Shang Yang Games did not have enough money to run marketing campaigns for the game. That was why no new gamers were trying it out.

After getting rid of all but one purchase option, they realized they could not generate a steady income from the pathetic group of old players alone.

That was why Ye Zhizhou felt indignant. He hoped that more players would be able to try out the new ‘Chosen One’ system. Researching and developing a sequel to the game would turn loss into profit.

However, Wang Xiaobin did not agree with this direction.

In the past, they created games with paywalls for the sake of survival. Now, they had already been bought over by Tengda. With Boss Pei as their backing, they would have food on the table. Why would they still choose to eat sh*t?

Bloody Battle Song was not an impressive IP. It was a third-rate game with paywalls. Why did Ye Zhizhou insist on clinging onto it instead of letting go?

Thus, Wang Xiaobin wrote a design manuscript for a standalone game and submitted it in the hopes that Boss Pei would choose it. The dream he had had for years would then finally be realized-he would finally be able to develop a true, premium, standalone game.

Wang Xiaobin was very confident about the design manuscript he submitted.

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This was because he had the most experience out of everyone in Shang Yang Games. The design of his standalone game should also have catered to Boss Pei’s taste.

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In Wang Xiaobin’s mind, Boss Pei was a talented designer who made saving the game industry his personal, lifelong mission. Wang Xiaobin saw Boss Pei as a highly-skilled businessman who had freed himself from low-class taste and the greed of money.

Why else would he have gotten rid of most of the purchase options in Bloody Battle Song?

Yet, now, Boss Pei’s decision had been revealed.

He had chosen Ye Zhizhou’s plan over his. Not only that, Boss Pei had not changed a single word in Ye Zhizhou’s proposal. All he did was change the name.

This confused, puzzled, and disappointed Wang Xiaobin.

“Oh, that’s right, Brother Wang.