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What can I invest in software downloads online?

"A Class B-focused group led by Kanzaki".

"What about Class A's Tsukasaki-kun?".

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"He's also like that. He belongs to a Class A-focused group established by a student named Matoba".

"Th-Then what about Suzuki-kun?".

"The person who goes by that name was assigned to a different small group".

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"So you HAVE memorized it all!".

"Just the people whose names I know. But if I can see their faces, I can tell which group which student belongs to".

The one thing I must thank this special exam for is that it made me decide to memorize the names of all 1st year students. By the time this exam's over, I'm sure I'll be able to match each name with a face with near 100%!a(MISSING)ccuracy.

As long as I haven't overlooked anyone or misunderstood anything, that is.

"Haa.......what exactly did you have to do to get such a good memory? Are you perhaps the four-eyed nerd-kun type?".

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Unfortunately, I don't quite get what Kei is saying.

"More importantly, let's get down to business. What's going on with Sakayanagi and Kamuro's group?".

"The two of them are in the same group composed of three classes with nine from Class A. Class A's the first to assemble, you see".

I received such an explanation from Kei. Just like the Class A boys, they also went with the same strategy of assembling right off the bat, huh? But they settled for nine rather than twelve, eh?

"A three class composite means that someone's been left out. Or perhaps Sakayanagi did not let them join?".

"They didn't accept anyone from Class B in so they were rejected from the very start. They said something about Ichinose-san not being trustworthy and what not. Of course, the one who said that was Kamuro-san instead of Sakayanagi-san though".

"Not trustworthy, huh?".

"I mean, any student from another class isn't trustworthy by default but Ichinose-san's the only one called out by name that way. But isn't that strange? I've heard how popular she is".

If we have to name just one 1st year student from another class who's trustworthy then without a doubt I would have named Ichinose too. Of course, if it's the other classes doing the naming then there'd be quite a lot of students naming Kushida. Anyway, Ichinose should be either number one or two when it comes to being the most trustworthy student in our school year. However, the reward will be smaller if the group is made up of the minimum number of people from three classes.