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Scanning around, there was a female student holding a thin sword on the stage sleeve.

Apparently, this seems to be her ability. A wrapped box flew towards me.

「…And this is mine.」

I picked up the present that was affixed with『41』.

(Eh, this wrapped box is…?)

It seemed a little familiar.

(…Let’s just open it for the time being.)

When I carefully removed the packaging and slowly opened the box, there was a hand-sized stuffed animal.

(I don’t know what to say… It is exquisitely ugly.)

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Probably a stuffed tiger… No, a fox?

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(I wonder if this is the thing that’s called『adorably ugly』in the streets…?)

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When I was looking at the stuffed animal, while holding such a complex thought,

「Nee, perhaps this is… Allen’s present?」Ria asked, tilting her head, a wooden sword in her hand

「That’s… There’s no doubt about it. It’s the wooden sword I bought.」

The reason I was able to say that with confidence is because of the wrapping box placed at her feet.

There is only one in the world – it’s the wrapping box I made.

At the shop where I purchased the wooden sword,「Can you please wrap the present?」I asked the employee,「Well, that’s not possible…」 he refused, so I had no choice but to handcraft it.

「Fufu, as expected! Only Allen will choose a wooden sword as a present!」

「I-Is that so?」