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In which case, the series of actions Hōsen had taken here was still incomprehensible.

Hōsen proceeded to ignore Nanase’s request and refocused his attention on the fight unfolding before him. At that point, however, Nanase became even more forceful with her words.

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“If you know what you’re doing, then that’s all the more reason to stop. If you continue to waste time with this pointless quarreling, I’ll take matters into my own hands. You have me considering whether or not to tell everyone about ‘that’, right here, right now.”

Upon hearing her mention the abstract term ‘that’, Hōsen stopped for a second time.

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Then, with a dull, tedious look on his face, he released his grip, dropping Ibuki down to the floor, coughing violently as she did.

“Aight then, Nanase. But, just know that if you betray my expectations, I won’t show any mercy, even to a girl like you.”

“I’ll gladly take you up on that when the time comes.”

No matter how much Hōsen intimidated her, Nanase still spoke confidently.

She seemed so calm and composed that the fact that she was in front of the second-year classrooms didn’t even seem to matter to her.

Nevertheless, this Hōsen guy was no ordinary person. Amongst all of the second-year students, there were a fair number who were proud of their fighting abilities. There were guys like Ryūen, Sudō, and Albert. However, despite being a first-year student, I could tell from just a glimpse that Hōsen was the real deal. Even if I were to confront him, I probably wouldn’t be able to keep him in check. Since I had only seen a glimpse of what he was capable of, I couldn’t even predict what would happen if he went all-out. The reason why Ryūen tried to stop Ishizaki from acting carelessly was probably because he judged that engaging in a simple fist-fight would put them at a disadvantage. An outrageous first-year had arrived.

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“I’ll stop. We did what we came for. Let’s get outta here, Nanase.”

“Yes. That’s a wise choice.”

Seemingly satisfied with everything except the fight, Hōsen turned and looked at Ryūen one last time.

“If you prostrate yourself to me, I suppose I could let you pair up with me, Ryūen-paisen.”