Online broadcasting is what make money

Online broadcasting is what make money

However, he immediately relaxed after reading the comments section.

The comments section was very fragmented!

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The authors of this inspiration class had all sorts of new novels. Some wrote fanfictions of Tengda Games, some wrote about superheroes and comics, and some wrote about GOG’s hero background...

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However, the readers were not convinced.

They were web novelists who were writing on Xianxia, Xuanhuan or Urban genres, none of them could jump out of the circle of online literature. The experience they had accumulated was all from writing online literature.

Now that they had suddenly started writing custom-made novels and their speed of updates had dropped drastically, it would definitely cause dissatisfaction among the original readers.

There were even many readers who felt that they were making lousy money. They felt that Zhongdian Chinese Network’s fixed-rate contract was ‘cutting themselves off from the people’. Long time readers were very disappointed and abandoned their books.

These new books could be said to have fallen steeply compared to the figures of the old books from various aspects of data.

Comparatively, Cui Geng’s new book, ‘Successor’, was the least criticized. The comments were split almost evenly. A portion of the readers said that it was a new theme and that it was eye-catching. They looked forward to the follow-up. Another portion of the readers expressed that they were not interested in the theme and hoped that Cui Geng would continue writing on urban themes.

None of these authors responded in the comments section. They probably had nothing to respond to either. They had started the books and written the beginning. They had to continue writing even if there were people who disliked it.

Pei Qian couldn’t help but to feel great.

“Didn’t I say that it would definitely be useful to get these web novel authors to write on a fixed-rate contract! Look at how sharp the eyes of the masses are!”

At the rate things were developing, no one would want to read the books written by the authors of these “inspiration classes”. They would not be able to generate traffic for Zhongdian Chinese Network. Pei Qian would be spending to get nothing.

Of course, these authors could only write two books on fixed-rate contract according to the regulations. If the response was not good, they would have to continue writing on royalties contract. However, that did not matter. Books from the fixed-rate contracts would not exceed 500,000 words. It would not affect the authors much even if they wrote two books with one million words and go back to royalties contract.

On the other hand, all the books that were on fixed-rate contracts were free for readers. The interests of the authors and readers would not be affected. Everyone would be very happy if Boss Pei paid more royalties and spent more money on ‘inspiration classes’.