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Mobile phone online part-time earning 91 people

“Of course, I know that you’re not that kind of person, but the boss might not know. I just think that the boss is too bold. He handed such a huge shop directly to you. Such trust is not something ordinary people can have!”Zhuang Dong quickly replied.

Tian Mo nodded. “Of course. How can our boss be an ordinary person?”

Zhuang Dong sat on the sofa and asked, “Brother Gou, when do we start working?”

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Tian Mo said, “Don’t be anxious. We have to follow the flow.”

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“I’ve spoken to that stylist. I’ll bring you to do a styling later and repackage you so that you won’t affect the company’s image. Don’t worry, all the expenses will be reimbursed by the company. I don’t even know how much it cost.”

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“When we get back, I’ll first teach you the principles of our sales department.”

“After you memorize the rules, I’ll introduce the detailed parameters of our products to you. You’ll remember them all.”

“During this period, help me take a look at the shop and learn how I communicate with customers. I have at least reached the entry level even though I haven’t met Boss Pei’s requirements for me to communicate with customers.”

Zhuang Dong was a little worried when he heard that he had to memorize things. “This... Brother Gou, it’s not like you don’t know. My memory is bad. I couldn’t even memorize ancient poems in junior high. It’s too difficult for me to remember so many things!”

Tian Mo nodded slightly. “Hmm... that’s true.”

“I had to memorize it for two days before I could memorize every single word. It was indeed hard on you to memorize so many things.”

“How about this? I’ll give Boss Pei a report and ask for instructions. I’ll see if I can relax the standards and only remember the general meaning.”

Zhuang Dong was elated. “That’s great!”

Tian Mo took out his cell phone and planned to send a message to Boss Pei to briefly explain Zhuang Dong’s situation after he sent Zhuang Dong to the stylist for a ‘makeover’.

Zhuang Dong’s situation might have met Boss Pei’s requirements perfectly, but Tian Mo still felt a little guilty when he really reported Zhuang Dong’s resume to Boss Pei.

What’s more, with Zhuang Dong’s IQ, he could not even memorize the rules. He had to beg Boss Pei to show mercy and relax the standards. That made Tian Mo even more nervous.

However, he still had to report the truth even though he felt uneasy.

He deleted and edited it several times. Finally, he made up his mind and pressed the send button.