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But the boys could not muster up the usual air of joking around and do something like call out to her.

Perhaps it was the strength in her eyes that, no matter how faintly, gave off the feeling of a strong will in her. They may have felt that if they drew close to her, something bad would have happened. Having realized she was bathing in their attention, Sakayanagi gently smiled.

"As for me, it is unfortunate, but I will not be of much use to you. I will be losing every competition due to absence".

A faint, yet strong will.

She apologizes for the weakness of her body.

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"I will end up inconveniencing my class and Class D both. For that, first of all please allow me to apologize".

"I don't think it's anything to apologize for. No one's going to be hounding you on that after all".

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Starting with Hirata down to Sudou, nobody said a word of complaint regarding that to the girl. Nobody attacked her for something that just could not be helped.

"The school is also being harsh. From the start, if her body cannot handle it they should have overlooked it".

"That's right, don't mind it".

"I am most grateful for your kindness".

Contrary to her reputation, Sakayanagi appeared to be overwhelmingly polite and mature. She did not even slightly give off the impression of being the aggressive type as the rumors say. On the other hand, her opposition, Katsuragi, kept on quietly looking at Sakayanagi with a side glance. However, the reason the student known as Sakayanagi had a strong presence was neither because of her cane nor her chair.

From the perspective of Ike and the others who don't know anything, it must have only appeared as though Class A and Class D were sitting separate of each other. However, from my perspective, it was clear from a glance. The students of Class A were clearly sitting as though there was a demarcation line between Katsuragi and Sakayanagi.

It was evidence of the factional conflict within Class A. The Katsuragi faction, at first, appeared equal if not superior to the other faction, but now not even a glimpse of that could be seen.

It was because a few boys and girls, including Yahiko, stood by Katsuragi while almost every other student was in Sakayanagi's faction. It made me think she was deliberately causing this scenario so as to show off her own power.

Sakayanagi herself did not participate in either the uninhabited island exam or the shipboard exam. No such declaration was made but there is plenty of possibility that she received massive penalties for absence during the shipboard special exam. In other words, she was created a situation where her allies continue to grow in number without her having had to produce any results herself. This isn't a matter of whether her appearance is cute or not. In all likelihood, unknown to us, Sakayanagi must have been accumulating accomplishments of her own and building trust in her. Besides, Katsuragi's own failures at the very least had an impact on it too.

It's not like I know the circumstances of other classes but basically, Katsuragi is someone who executes solid strategies. He doesn't seem like the type to continuously make simple mistakes but perhaps this girl is involved in his failures. Either way, Sakayanagi apologized for the shortcomings of her own body and showed no further signs of speaking afterwards.

Almost as though she were observing the actions and behaviors of Katsuragi and Hirata and the others. Maybe I'm overthinking it? It may just be that she's remaining silent after understanding that she won't be of any use during the sports festival. All I know right now is that even if I think about it, no answer would be forthcoming.