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Earn money on the Internet ten

“That’s why I’m warning all the newbies to avoid the website at all costs! It’s a scam for sure! If you want good online literature, you should go to bigger websites. If this website closes down and you don’t even get your basic pay, wouldn’t you have no choice but to cry?”

As Ma Yiqun read these comments, he sighed. Although he wanted very badly to rebut these comments, he felt that they made sense. From Ma Yiqun’s standpoint, he had complete trust in Boss Pei. He also believed that Boss Pei would have a way of making the website popular.

However, all outsiders would see was that Zhongdian Chinese Network looked absolutely unreliable.

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Although editors and authors from competing websites were adding oil to the flames, Ma Yiqun could not help but admit that most of what they were saying was true. They were not buying good authors over, not accepting buyouts, and not redirecting readers to their site. Based on their meager full-time pay alone, they could not attract any good author.

Ma Yiqun quietly closed the forum and went back to work.

The website had already been set up. The authors of the manuscripts they had accepted were already writing new chapters. They had already filled up various areas, including the recommendation spots on the first page of the website. At the very least, they looked good on the surface.

What’s more, the website was quite beautifully made. They had spent money on it after all.

However, one only had to scan the books on the first page to see the truth. They were all unbearable to read! Their names all contained the words ‘God Emperor’, ‘Mad Husband’, ‘Mad Mercenary’, or something similar. Some books—such as ‘Your Naughty Wife was Disobedient, Don’t be Angry, CEO’ or ‘Masked CEO’s Young, Delicate Wife’-were even targeted at females.

The book titles were very ordinary, and their content was even more so. Basically, all of them had cliche plots. If they had been uploaded onto Infinite Chinese Network, they would have failed for sure.

The worst part was that these were the better books. That was why they were placed on the home page. More books were below this standard.

Ma Yiqun shook his head and sighed. Indeed, just like Boss Pei said, they could not rush these things.

He should focus on writing Repent and be Saved’s plot instead. There was nothing else for him to do anyway. He could focus his energy on perfecting the details of the plot. Several editors were also excited about writing Repent and be Saved’s plot. They discussed it regularly. Whenever they faced problems with the details, they would communicate and resolve them.

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The new chapters were coming in slowly. In fact, they were barely even keeping up with the basic requirements.

However, no one really minded. After all, the welfare and remuneration they were receiving from Boss Pei were good. There was no need for them to work so hard for the sake of the additional basic pay for writing.