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When I turned the knob, the door opened without a sound.

Apparently it was not locked.

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「Claude-san, I’m coming in.」

Just in case, I called out and then stepped into his room.

There was one light in the room, and the arrangement of household items was exactly the same as in my room.

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「Fuun, fufuun, fuun, fufuun」

From the back of the room, I heard a slight humming and the sound of the shower.

He seemed to be taking a bath.

(I see, that’s why he didn’t hear the knock.)

In that case, let’s come back in about ten minutes.

If he knew that I entered his room without permission, it will become troublesome again.

When I killed my footstep sound and headed to the exit – the sound of the shower stopped and the curtain opened.

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(…It’s the worst timing.)

If I rush out of the room now, I might be mistaken for a thief if it goes poorly.

In that case, I’d better stay and tell the honest reason why I’m here.

When I was standing in the middle of the room, Claude-san who was stark naked, stepped out.

I doubted my eyes.