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Online WeChat hang up to make money project

If more people bought those goods, Pei Qian would earn more income. On top of that, he could not sell products that were exclusive to the golden zone. According to Chen Kangtuo and the other investors’ plan, a few goods from each of the other zones could be transferred to the golden zone to be sold there. That would ensure that no two zones would have the same goods.

However, that would make the goods in the golden area rarer and more valuable, right? Then, people would buy as much as they could, wouldn’t they? Pei Qian could not allow that!

After conducting this simple analysis, Pei Qian quickly decided on several strategies for the goods that would be sold in the golden zone. They could not be too expensive. At the same time, people had to be able to buy them in other regions.

That way, consumers would not feel the need to buy anything there. They would be forced to pause and spend less money. Boss Pei would also be able to incur more losses.

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That would really be beneficial to all parties.

Pei Qian scanned the entire list and randomly chose a couple of items that were neither expensive nor novel. “This blue jack-o’-lantern.

“This small, golden lantern.

“This... light-green lightstick. “I’ll also add this glowing headwear with little devil horns.”

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Pei Qian chose one extremely cheap item from each of the four zones. Their prices ranged from five to fifty yuan.

The jack-o’-lantern was from the orange zone; the small, golden lantern from the blue; the light-green lightstick from the purple; and the glowing headwear with little devil horns from the wine-red.

Pei Qian had wanted to choose even cheaper items at first, such as postcards and small pendants. However, on further thought, while those things were cheap; they were also very universal in nature. Anybody could casually decide to buy them, and if too many people wanted them, Pei Qian would still be in trouble.

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On the other hand, the four items that Pei Qian had chosen were neither here nor there. They were too low-quality to collect but too luxurious to be thrown away once they left the Thriller Hostel.

They would have a pretty good dissuading effect on consumers!

Chen Kangtuo and the other investors were evidently confused.