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“Crooked? Don’t C those from DGE!”

“Our DGE will never be defeated!”

“DGE, the only champion in the GOG International invitational tournament!”

“GOG Global Finals!”

Pei Qian felt utter despair looking at these lighted banners.

The DGE Club was on fire completely; it could not be stopped!

Pei Qian was very helpless and could only comfort himself constantly. No problem, the players had already been sold. The players that they newly recruited could not become as good as them. The DGE Club would no longer be famous as long as the members of the other clubs also become muscle men...

The finals were fought very fiercely. The cheers from the audience also followed the wave.

Zhang Yuan and Coach Yaling sat in the audience to watch the game; they were also very engaged.

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Coach Yaling may not understand GOG, but the players were trained up by her and had special feelings for them so she still came to the event location.

She could not understand what was happening on the big screen, but she still felt her heart swell with pride hearing the cheers of the scene. She could fully appreciate the excitement of esports.

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“I might not understand what was going on, but I still relish the situation.

“If I could understand it, then it should be particularly exciting, right?” Coach Yaling showed lingering in her expression.

Zhang Yuan nodded. “Well, they are doing very well. However, not all esports could have such a program effect. Amongst which, Boss Pei’s overall arrangement was the most important!”

Coach Yaling was a little surprised. She whispered after a moment. “What? Boss Pei arranged a fake match?”