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Amano was grabbing my chest, but he seemed to be agreeing with my criticism and apologizing to me… What was happening here?

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Amano continued apologizing.

“Also, that thing about ‘rejecting Tendo-san looks cool’ really got me hard! I was only aware after you said that, it really surprised me! That’s right, I am really troubled! Also, also, I think I am really crazy for rejecting Tendo-san! I messed up the chance to make friends because of my strange pride, I really am the worst! So retarded! Something is wrong with my head!”

"I-I didn’t scold you that badly..."

As Amano continued speaking, his posture got lower than prostrating, so I couldn’t get angry.

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I wondered what I should do next and scratched the back of my head ─ At this moment, Amano lowered his head and voice.

"……Eh, if I take a hundred steps back, I can agree with your idea that gaming isn’t beneficial. Yes… basically, it isn’t useful at all. I know, but that is why I find it interesting… To be honest, I don’t have the chips to refute you on the point that gaming isn’t beneficial. I acknowledge that. But…”

Amano stopped here. He kept his head down, and a moment later… When he raised his head again, only his heightened determination was left in his eyes, as he looked straight into mine.

“But, I won’t allow you to look down on the Gamers Club and Tendo-san when you are criticizing gaming!”

It was a little unexpected… but his refutation that had some properness about it made me speechless.

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At this moment, Amano got to the core of the issue with a gentler face.

"Uehara-san, like you said, I think the grasshopper in ‘The Ant and Grasshopper’ is very smart. I am impressed with how well rounded he is, and frankly speaking, I am really envious of that kind of lifestyle. I actually wanted to be the grasshopper too. That is only natural. But… but…”

Amano’s tone turned firm and sharp.

“No matter how smart the grasshopper is… he still don’t have the rights to look down on the hardworking ant.”

"! You…"

I was prepared and so confident.

However, I couldn’t refute him at all.

Amano was on a roll, as he went all out on me who was gaping like a goldfish: