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What was going on?

Boss Pei had indeed selected Eternal Reincarnation as the downloadable content for Repent and be Saved. However, they have yet to start developing it yet? They had to wait until August!

Was Teacher Qiao sure that he was playing this game?

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There must be a misunderstanding somewhere.

Yu Fei subconsciously wanted to clarify and tell everyone that this news was not accurate. ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ would actually commence development in a month, it had yet to be established yet.

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However, halfway through typing, he suddenly realized a problem and quickly deleted them all.

No, he could not divulge the secret!

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If he clarified, wouldn’t he be exposing the development of the copyright of Eternal Reincarnation?

Boss Pei had said that this matter had to be kept a secret for more than a month.

Now, everyone was only suspicious. Obviously, they had not confirmed it.

Yu Fei did not know if Teacher Qiao had leaked the secret, but he definitely could not leak it from him.

Otherwise, his chat history with others would definitely be uploaded onto the internet. Boss Pei would definitely be unhappy.

However, what if he insisted that there was nothing of the sort?

That wouldn’t be good either. If the other party asked, “If that’s not the case, why did you go crazy in your revision?” How would he answer?

Netizens must have found many clues since they had already suspected this given their intelligence. It would be counterproductive to deny it now.

It was useless to pretend to disappear. They would still be suspicious.