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Licenses for these IPs lasted either for a limited period or permanently, both depending on how the many rounds of negotiations went.

The more famous an IP was, the more expensive it would be. The license granted would also tend to be for a limited period. Many games had to be taken off the shelves because their materials’ copyrights expired, the fees exponentially increased, and the developers could no longer afford them. That situation often developed terribly.

Thus, Tengda was currently looking for IPs with permanent licenses.

On top of this was the price. At the moment, they had expressed interest in characters that were not that famous. These included characters from old comics, novels, and movies.

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Of course, they had also conducted some brief research into the materials they wanted before commencing negotiations. This was to ensure they would be suitable to be used in the game and would not appear out of place.

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If the characters were of a different style from the game, they would have more things to discuss. Tengda would have to request permission to edit the character to suit the game’s style.

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Although it was a troublesome process, the direction was clear. Any characters that did not fit the requirements and could not be bought over would be foregone.

There were many rubbish IPs in the market anyway. They could randomly pick as many as they wanted until they found enough.

At the moment, they did not even have an idea of how the game would look. Thus, Pei Qian could not offer much guidance. He could only see how things went during this period.

Not long after he returned to the office, Hao Yun from the HR department knocked on his door.

“Boss Pei, we’ve tried to come up with a set of examination questions. Do you want to see if it’s alright?

“We’ve also arranged for the people in charge of TPDb to create an online platform that would help with the final stage, the Tengda Spirit compatibility test. When Tengda’s recruitment website is ready, you will get exclusive access. You can edit the questions and answers on the platform and prevent others from seeing them.

Pei Qian took the printed examination questions from Hao Yun and nodded, satisfied. “Alright, leave it. I’ll take a look.”

Hao Yun went back to work.

Pei Qian then flipped through and studied the questions closely.

There had only been two main preparation tasks for recruitment. First, they had to create a recruitment website. There, applicants would submit their resumes, register, and print out the examination’s entry proof.

Once the website was complete, applicants would just have to fill in the necessary fields on the website within a set time period.