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Some people even made phone calls to make appointments and charged large sums of money just to occupy their spots in advance.

The other businesses in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe also made a lot of money. For example, the drinks at the bar counter, as well as the market on the second floor, took up a huge portion of the internet cafe’s income.

Pei Qian wanted to make some changes, but it was difficult to do so now.

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After visiting Slow Movement Studio today, Pei Qian suddenly had an idea.

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This idea quickly formed a perfect plan in his mind!

Pei Qian immediately called Xiao Peng and asked him to come over.

Xiao Peng had become a busy man ever since Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s business entered the first-tier cities. He often flew between several cities. Fortunately, he happened to be in Jingzhou this week, so he arrived quickly.

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Xiao Peng was very happy to see Boss Pei.

However, Pei Qian stopped him before he could say anything.

Xiao Peng immediately understood. There were too many people in the shop. He could not expose himself.

There were many regular customers in the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. However, because Tengda was good at keeping it a secret, these regular customers thought that Pei Qian was only Boss Pei’s actor and not the real Boss Pei. Only the employees in the internet cafe knew his true identity, and the employees were very cooperative with his acting.

As for Xiao Peng, as the person-in-charge of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, he had appeared in public before. However, not many people knew him. Most people did not care who the boss of the chain internet cafe was or what he looked like.

Thus, Xiao Peng and Pei Qian were like ordinary customers, walking around Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Xiao Peng looked very expectant because Boss Pei had not looked for him for a long time!