Is it true for part-time job online?

Is it true for part-time job online?

Tendo-san brushed her blonde hair with her fingertip as she looked between me and the game frantically, her cheeks slowly blushing──

“Ah, I, I mean all video games!”

“T-That’s right! I knew that! I already understand, but I still felt embarrassed!”

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Tendo-san seemed to be reacting to what I said a moment ago as she placed the game box backed onto the shelf in panic. And so, an indescribable feeling hung between the two of us, and the atmosphere was like a funeral… I want to disappear just like this, vanishing from the scene without leaving a single trace, as if ‘Medoroa’ was cast on me’.

<TL: Spell from Dai no Daib?ken>

That might be so, it was fine for a disgusting otaku to suffer, but I felt that I have to take responsibility for dragging Tendo-san into this awkward atmosphere.

Squeezing out all the courage I had, it was rare to see me trying to move the conversation along.

“Eh, generally speaking, I like all types of video games. T-That’s why, there isn’t any special meaning behind the game I was holding just now… Or rather, the concept of that game is too innovative, so I was intrigued about what the description on the back of the box…”

“Ah, I understand. That’s right, the description behind the game packaging is interesting, isn’t it?”

Tendo-san smiled at me gently. For an instant, I let it get to my head.

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“Y-You understand too!? That’s right, the back of the packaging is so entrancing! Although I read ratings online and from magazines, I also placed a lot of importance on the synopsis on the back of the box too! It is different from the explanation found on the official website! I couldn’t resist the feeling of compressing and presenting the strong points of the game in such a small space! Speaking of the back of the package, the idea Metal Gear Solid had was really creative──”


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I blabbered all that out before I came to my senses and stopped. Oh no, what was I doing? I was usually quiet, but would keep chattering when I talk about things I like… That was so typical of me! How embarrassing! And even worse, the other party was the girl at the peak of the normies in Otobuki high! I messed up the scene so badly──


“? T-Tendo-san?”

However, Tendo-san’s reaction was completely opposite of what I expected, and she was softly laughing cheerfully. For an instant, I thought she was laughing at my pitiful state, but I didn’t feel such malicious intent.