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Pei Qian was sure that she knew her father would be anxious about her game’s success. She would expect him to plot for her return to the family. If Pei Qian made it just a little bit too obvious, Lin Wan would realize what he was up to for sure. Thus, not only did Pei Qian have to think of a way to send Lin Wan away, but he could not also allow Lin Wan to think that it had anything to do with her own family. She could not suspect that her father, Lin Yu, and the others were trying to cause trouble for her behind the scenes.

How should he go about it?

It would have been a good choice to select her as the most outstanding employee, but it’s still too early to select the most outstanding employee now.

What if he made an exception for Lin Wan and held a selection in the near future?

On one hand, it seemed too fake. On the other hand, he could not guarantee that everyone would vote for Lin Wan. Bao Xu was also a strong competitor.

If he wanted to make sure Lin Wan was selected, Pei Qian would have to resort to under-the-table tricks. That was too troublesome.

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Pei Qian pondered for a moment and decided that the best way would be to expand the business.

He would tell Lin Wan that Tengda was planning to start a new business. As the most outstanding employee, Lin Wan would be put in charge of a new job.

Then, he would make her life more difficult so that she would back off. Yet, how should he go about it practically? Pei Qian had not thought about a good idea yet.

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For now, Pei Qian had no choice but to verbally promise Lin Chang and Lin Yu. He could not rush things.

After all, Repent and Be Saved would be released in about a week or so. Pei Qian’s primary goal was to ensure that he would incur losses before settlement.

September 29th, Wednesday…

Pei Qian went to check on Fish Catching Internet Cafe’s new branch.

Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan followed Pei Qian’s requests strictly and made opening for business as soon as possible their first priority. Thus, they did not spend too much time on renovation. The internet cafe still looked largely simple. However, they purchased identical tables and computers as before. In addition, they put up Fish Catching Internet Cafe’s logo at the entrance. One would still be able to tell this branch belonged to them.

Pei Qian walked around the shop, feeling satisfied.

After getting rid of the coffee shop and bar, the entire shop became mostly occupied by computers. It looked much more compact than the existing branches.

There was a lounge area with a projector just like the mini cinema in the existing Fish Catching Internet Cafe branches.

After all, the mini cinema took up space but did not generate revenue. Pei Qian did not see a reason to get rid of it.

The hardware was still top-quality and guaranteed that bigger games would be able to run on them. In fact, it was more than enough to play games on.