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It’s needless to say that the confrontation and battle between the classes will stay the same. I also plan to use the 3rd years, 1st years, and the school. The battle between those 4 aspects will be the core of the story and will drive the plot forward. Although the amount of information will increase and therefore will be harder to keep track of, I hope everyone sticks with it!

The work on the illustrations are steadily progressing, and the front and back covers are already in production.

Translated and Hosted With the Permission of Cinnamin/Alice

Editing, retranslation, and TLC by Graze and Confused Translations

Going back in time to a certain day in February two months earlier…

In a meeting room, within a certain facility somewhere in Tokyo, a man believed to be in his 40’s was reading out information displayed on a screen.

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A teenager was quietly listening in.

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A 15-year old teenager, soon to be entering high school.

That being said, their identity wasn’t that of an ordinary child.

They were somebody who had been given a special education from the secret facility known as the White Room.

“With this, we’ve now gone over the data for Ayanokōji Kiyotaka and the other 156 second-year students. Have you committed everything to memory?”

The man, Tsukishiro, was showing this teenager all of the data that they had collected on the students of a certain high school over the course of the last year. Not only did it have standard information such as their full names, date of birth, and former schools, but it even had information on their parents and siblings, grades and accomplishments since early childhood, and even who they typically interacted with. It was a top-secret meeting with detailed information that even the school’s homeroom teachers weren’t allowed to see.