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"Yeah. And among the 1st years, it was only me who got to play. I even received special praise for it. But I lost the match so it's not much to be proud of" Sudou said.

I don't know much about this, but being able to debut in a game as a 1st year itself is a praiseworthy thing. And from Sudou's words, I sensed more of an acceptance than a feeling of frustration anyways. Rather, it should be seen as him steadily achieving results in the basketball club. He was probably practicing hard for this tournament. Especially since the 1st years were away from school on the special exams, so to make up for that, he must have been practicing harder than any other student.

"So what're you gonna do? Fortune-telling. You going or not?" Sudou asked me.

"There's nothing I have planned so I guess I'll go".

Once I had agreed to go, Sudou changed the conversation and told me "Make sure to invite Suzune too. Absolutely invite her. Understand?" Sudou said.

"...I see"

It seems that Sudou never wanted to ask me to go see the fortune-teller but rather wanted to go with Horikita. But he must have felt even if he invited her, the chances of her accepting were low hence relied on me.

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"Just so you know...I don't think she's interested in fortune-telling" I told him.

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"Even so, make sure to invite her. This is the one speciality you're good at right?" Sudou asks me.

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What speciality? I want him to stop using me as a Horikita invitation machine.

"I'll try asking her. But don't expect too much" I told him.

"Try isn't good enough" Sudou replied.

"Not good enough?....."