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What is the online play card to make money?

Of course, the fake reviewers were happy to see this because their job was to muddy the waters and mislead more viewers.

Therefore, the more such a situation occurred, the more outstanding their work was. These people would naturally work harder.

Qiao Liang could not help but frown.

“These people actually doubt my professionalism?”

“How ridiculous!”

“I’ve studied the history of domestically-produced games and understood so many game design concepts. My interpretation of ‘Mission and Choice’ is very objective and responsible.”

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“Why do these people make it sound like I’m grandstanding?”

Qiao Liang lost his appetite after two bites. He was full of anger!

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He was not angry for himself, but for Boss Pei!

As an ordinary content creator, Qiao Liang paid attention to the number of views and coins invested in the video. If two groups of people quarreled, it would mean that his video would be controversial but it would also increase its popularity.

Thus, from the perspective of a video creator, there was no need for Qiao Liang to be angry.

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However, from Boss Pei’s perspective, this was unacceptable!

Boss Pei had invested a huge sum of money into the remake of Mission and Choice. He had to endure how much pressure and harboured how much ambition!

As a successful game designer, Boss Pei did not lack money or fame. He could choose more successful games to earn more money steadily.