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What appeared this time was the real system reward.

Pei Qian silently calculated. The special reward would be released on September 30th. The time would be ‘within the next six months’. October, November, December, January, February, March...

Today was March 29th. In other words, it would still be within the range of ‘six months in the future’ until the day after tomorrow, March 31st!

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“Sh*t, I’ve been tricked!”

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Pei Qian immediately understood.

Previously, he had subconsciously thought that the so-called technological breakthrough of the system would definitely be completed within the current cycle. In addition, the artificial intelligence technology of Xunke Technologies had appeared rather abruptly. Thus, he had naturally thought of this as a technological breakthrough rewarded by the system.

However, now that he thought about it, the system did not say that it would definitely be completed within a cycle!

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The system said ‘six months’, which was exactly within six months!

Pei Qian froze. He could not accept this fact!

At the same time, Hu Xianbin finished his call.

The excitement on his face was beyond words. “I was just wondering why Boss Pei said that the AI problem of Mission and Choice is not a problem at all. It turns out that everything has been arranged!”

“Jiang Yuan called me just now. He said that the Nag artificial intelligence laboratory had chosen the gaming field as the research direction according to your instructions last week. They had only been researching for less than a week when they suddenly found a few new algorithms based on the previous research content!”

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