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Fu said, finishing the cup of tea, and stood up.

「Now, that’s all I wished to talk about. You can do what you want.」

「…You’re not going to stop me?」

「Unfortunately, today I am going to devote myself to deciphering history books. I didn’t get orders to『stop Allen Rodore』either. And I can’t hope to stop you with my power in the first place.」

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He slowly closed his eyes, speaking with such humility.

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「Your companions from just now – they seem to have met with some unexpected difficulties with the tight security of Numero’s residence. Five kilometers north of here, I hear them hiding in a storage shed in the『Numero Grand Garden』.」

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「W-What do you mean!?」

「I can listen to the『whispers of the wind』and pick up on conversations within a ten-kilometer radius. Five people uttering the name『Allen Rodore』is not common in the Empire. It’s undoubtedly the voice of your companions.」

Fu suddenly frowned, after saying in an indifferent manner.

「…Hmm? This is…」

「Did something happen?」

「…You had better hurry. Apparently, the wedding has begun.」