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Men’s suspicions began to turn towards Ikuki, and the girls also begun to doubt Ibuki little by little. However, before the resolution, the rain began to fall gradually stronger and stronger.

“Crap. Let’s postpone the discussion for the time being. It’s terrible if we’re going to get drenched.”

Ike and others, in hot haste, began to put into the tent the food and packages taken out.

“Hirata, give us instructions.”

Ike called out to Hirata but, he still stood motionless in the same place. Hirata was staring at the empty space and didn’t move the whole time. In the meantime, the sound of the falling rain was gradually getting stronger. I was getting anxious for this situation, so I approached Hirata but I didn’t get any sign of recognition.

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“Why………..Why is this happening……..It’s the same as that time…..”

He coughed out lightly. I couldn’t understand the meaning but it’s certain that it’s not a trivial matter.

This is not like Hirata at all. Hirata, who is always calm and composed.

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“Because of me, up until now…….”

“Hey Hirata, what are you doing! !”

A voice called Hirata from a distance. Still Hirata made no move, whether he had heard it or not. I gently placed my hand on his shoulder and he slowly turned over and looked back to me, surprised and astonished.

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“Ike is calling.”


Hirata’s expression completely lost life — he was turning pale. The second time that Ike called Hirata, he slowly regained back his sanity. So in that moment, he finally noticed it was raining.


“It’d be better for you to help Ike and the others. We have to keep the clothes dry.”

“Well, I have to settle everything quickly.”