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Republic of Faith did not make use of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s logo because the latter looked relatively lame. It would not help to express Republic of Faith’s high-end style.

Ma Yang scrutinized the system unit in front of him. “Er... it’s not bad! At least it looks perfectly fine on the outside. Just one look, and you’d be able to tell that this is expensive stuff.”

Zhang Yuan nodded. “It really is quite expensive.

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“We’re just beginning. We can sell the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s brand of computers first and focus on serving a few ballers. We don’t need to mass produce these units. For now, we’ll work on building a name for ourselves.

“At the end of the day, we have to make sure that every person who buys our system units feels like royalty. We’ll deliver the system unit to their doorstep and offer on-the-spot repair services. These would be necessary.

“Once we build a name for ourselves, we can think about producing other types of hardware or tending to customers’ special requests.

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“As for monitors, mouses, and the like; we can provide an official recommendation list If customers think our prices are too high, they can purchase them on their own. If they can’t be bothered, we can purchase these items on their behalf. This would just be additional work for our brothers at Upwind Logistics.

“If our business takes off, we might even be able to find original equipment manufacturers to produce our monitors and other peripherals. Then, Republic of Faith would be complete. We would have produced something worth showing off.” Ma Yang nodded in approval. “Yes, we shouldn’t try to bite off more than we can chew. We’ll start by installing and delivering our system units. We can offer on-the-spot repair services and charge a small fee in order to build a name for ourselves. That can be Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and Upwind Logistics’s subsidiary business.

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“If we succeed, we’d be achieving something for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.”

Zhang Yuan felt deeply comforted. Boss Ma was finally on the same page as him. At last, Zhang Yuan did not need to expend so much energy to lie to-no, persuade him.

Very quickly, the system unit was wrapped up and ready to be delivered to their first customer.One of the young men from Upwind Logistics would deliver the system unit. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would then be in charge of the after-sales service.

Apart from regular maintenance, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would also provide on-the-spot services such as upgrading of peripherals and swapping of display cards.

The brothers from Upwind Logistics were basically family. Zhang Yuan and Ma Yang could trust them to be careful while delivering the system units. Naturally, they did not have to worry about the computer being smashed. The entire unit would surely reach the customer’s house safe and sound.

Zhang Yuan retrieved the other custom-made ROF logos and installed them on the computers in the internet cafe.

He would stick this logo on all of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s computers, so that players would form an impression of their brand.

Before this, customers would have been able to tell with one look that the computers were self-made. However, with the logo, the computers would look that much more impressive.

Someone was bound to ask for the brand of the computers.

Then, the helpful waiters in the internet cafe could introduce them to the new business of custom-made, high-end system units.