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How to make money on 1 dollar light bulb online

That couldn’t be helped. Pei Qian himself had been cheated by GOG’s pricing model.

Since Ruan was a product of crowdsourcing, gamers could buy his skins at a huge discount whenever new ones were released. Although they would subsequently be sold at the original price, few people would buy them by then.

What’s more, GOG was focused on the overseas market at the moment. New heroes were still consistently being released by Hurricane Comic Company, and each hero needed new skins. Naturally, the research and development team could not afford to keep producing new skins for Ruan.

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Thus, even after three months, the money that Pei Qian earned from the sale of the skins had only come up to about a hundred thousand or so. It had not been as exciting as Pei Qian expected.

Still, he was satisfied. Why should he complain? That was not a small sum.

It was time to redeem his mysterious reward.

<Mysterious reward: Upgrade in benefits. If you manage to convert more than eight hundred thousand yuan at the end of each cycle, you will obtain a ‘highly impactful’ mysterious reward. [Redeemable immediately]>

Ever since the System was upgraded to version 2.0, Pei Qian had been offered a benefit at the end of every cycle. If he could convert up to two hundred thousand yuan of funds, he would be able to claim a mysterious reward.

There were all types of mysterious rewards. For example, the mysterious reward for the previous cycle was the special mission for this cycle.

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This time, the mysterious reward was an upgrade in benefits. If he could convert at least eight hundred thousand yuan at the end of a cycle, he would be able to claim a ‘highly impactful’ mysterious reward. Since he had exceeded that conversion minimum for this cycle, he could immediately claim one mysterious reward.

Pei Qian felt a little faint.

No repeats!

Still, the fact that he could claim the same reward twice was worth rejoicing over.

He mainly credited himself for refusing to give up on incurring losses during this cycle. Converting more than eight hundred thousand yuan meant having to earn more than eight hundred million yuan in profits. That would be far more difficult than incurring significant losses.